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Our Offer

As procurement organization we convey negotiated prices and conditions to Compass Group and third party customers.

To suppliers we convey access to new customers, new country markets and the hereby coming revenues

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Data and Facts


Tons of Pasta

= inch Spaghetti
= 3,3 times to the moon


Tons of Fries

= Fries
= 27.500.000.000 Calories


Tons of Coffee

= 225.000.000 Portions
= 68.000.000 Litres
= 600.000 Bathtubs


Tons of hard cheese

= 77.777 Parmesan Wheel
= 11,61964 Miles high


Simply Procurement

We manage large volumes and negotiate terms. In the process we review and adjust earnings distribution within the entire supply chain to collectively increase your margins. In other words: “Simply Procurement”


Increase margins

We understand the complexity of food service procurement. Our approach is unique und is founded on an overall market review, bundeling important volumes and a screening of gain-allocation within the supply chain. This gives real savings. Savings, which bring an immediate benefit to your P&L!


Upstream Sourcing

The concept of joint- or co-purchasing is not new. But a joint Upstream Sourcing is in fact new. Our specific focus lies in developing opened and collaborative relationships to Retailers, food- and beverage producers, as well to manufacturers. We observe the whole supply chain, especially with focus on traceability, efficiency and leverage power.


Achieve benefits

We know, that an excellent buyer- or negotiationposition has to be hardly achieved and that the gain-allocation within the supply chain is a crucial part of existing contracts already now. But there is always potential for optimization. An open discussion to ideas and challenges allows all participants to identify and  realize opportunities - Simply Procurement – This is our approach and our strength.

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Foodbuy - who we are and what we do

Innovative, flexible procurement solutions.
By providing the highest levels of customer value and experience through innovative, flexible procurement solutions. Learn more about us and our vision!

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